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Principle Investigator (PhD) in protein based tissue engineering and regeneration for treatment of malignant cancers


We are seeking an outstanding scientist to join our R&D team as a Principle Investigator, to lead our major effort in developing novel cell-converting cancer therapy that does not focus on killing cancer cells, but conv-erts cancer cells into non-malignant normal cells for high-efficacy cancer therapy.

The successful candidate should share our passion and embrace our values of innovation, compassion, and clinical-focusing. Ideal candidates will have a degree in clinical medicine and a strong track record of scien-tific productivity and contribute to interdisciplinary teams in industry. She/He will perform top-quality, high impact research in stem cell and cancer tissue engineering and regeneration to treat cancer using animal models. She/He will also be able to work with oncologists to treat cancer bearing animal model initially and later to work with clinicians on human clinical trials to treat deadly cancers including late stage triple-neg-ative breast cancer, glioma and pancreatic cancer. The successful candidate will be expected to have a high level of responsibility to design, execute and analyze experiments, and collaborate with internal and external partners. He/she will also participate collaborations with academic laboratories both in China and in the US.

The position will be located in Shanghai. Company will provide multiple carrier development opportunity, overseas training environment and competitive salary.


- PhD degree in stem cell or related fields
- Experience in patient based tumor-bearing animal models
 - Experience with cell culture and cell-based assay
- Demonstrated excellence ability in planning, executing, and analyzing experiments
- Able to troubleshoot, solve challenging problems and maintain excellent records
- Excellent oral and written communication skills, able to write technical reports and protocols, excellent
    organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects


- MD degree with clinical experience in oncology is a major plus
- Previous hands-on experience with animal models for tumor
- Experience and knowledge of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
- 2 years of industrial or post-doctoral experiences
- Excellent English written skills

U.S. Address:

440 Burroughs Street, Ste 448;Detroit, MI 48202, USA

001 618 201 4310

Asia Pacific Headquarters:
Fuent Biotechnology Co. Ltd (Shanghai)

12A, Junyao International Plaza, No. 789, Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai


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