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Three Core Technologies

These three core technologies are characterized by unique targeting protein delivery, high iPS stem cells conversion rate and in vivo iPS stem cells conversion, which could not only converts iPS stem cells efficiently in vitro, but also combining with three core technologies as described above, could deliver cell reprogramming proteins to cell nucleus of diseased tissue in animals, then these delivered proteins start in situ cell reprogramming in disease cells/tissue, finally these newly generated transient stem cells could differentiate into normal cells required by the tissue in the microenvironment.

Main Innovation Point

QQ-reagent is a polymer based reagent which non-covalently binds to proteins, enabling proteins to enter the cells. QQ-reagent dissociates from the delivered proteins inside the cells to become “naked” proteins that undergo folding, translational modification and go to the correct intracellular compartment for function. QQ-delivery makes exogenous proteins to become endogenous one.

QQ-Protein Transport Technology

Main Innovation Point

QQ-piPSC technology generates protein-induced pluripotent stem cells (piPSCs), by which reprogramming proteins only transiently modulate molecular pathways of the normal somatic cells or diseased cells including cancer cells epigenetically for cell phenotype conversion into piPSCs and no trace of delivered exogenous materials remaining in the generated piPSCs.

Protein Induced Multipotential
Stem Cells (QQ-PIPSC) Technology

Main Innovation Point

This is the ONLY protein induced in vivo tissue reprogramming technology that is currently available and safe for human clinical applications. This technology performs tissue reprogramming in situ inside diseased tissues to generate transient reprogrammed cells, since tissue environment is a differentiating environment.

Protein Induced In-Situ Tissue
Reprogramming Technology

Main Innovation Point


This is an innovative cancer therapy, and it focuses on using break-through protein induced cancer cells conversion method rather than killing cancer cells.


In-situ reprogrammed cells make surrounding cancer cells for phenotypic reversion through bystander effect, therefore 100% cancer cells reprogramming is not required, and only 20% cancer cells are required to be reprogrammed.It is significantly different from the current chemotherapies and radiotherapies (100% cancer cells have to be killed for the purpose of curing cancer),this characteristics represents main innovative points of this brand-new cancer therapy.


This fully new cancer therapy provides highly efficient, no toxic or side effect cancer therapeutic approach for advanced TNBC, brain tumor and pancreatic cancer.


This fully new cancer therapy solves drug resistance and tumor recurrence incurred by existing cancer therapy: (chemotherapy and radiotherapy: therapies to kill cancer cells).

Comparison between stem cell transplantation based regenerative medicine and our protein based regenerative medicine.

Main Innovation Point


Protein based regenerative medicine uses unfolded protein makes in-situ tissue reprogramming in damaged or diseased tissue to efficiently repair tissue or regenerate normal tissue. The quality standard of unfolded protein can be measured by its purity,and this greatly simplifies approval process of IND from FDA.


Protein based regenerative medicine is a protein therapy, and protein therapy has been recognized as protein drug widely by FDA, it overcomes the main challenges of quality control on cell therapy for FDA's approval.


Other innovation points are shown in the figure. In general, this break-through regenerative strategy solved major challenges of current stem cells based regenerative medicine, and made tissue regeneration practical, with reasonable price and safe.

Comparison between Qurgen core technology and traditional stem cells technology

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