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Qurgen Inc. was established in Michigan, U.S. in September, 2012.
Fuent Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is the headquarters of QurgenInc in Asia Pacific, and takes charge of application of core patented technologies of QurgenIncin Asia Pacific.

The Company gathers the world's top professional talents in iPS stem cells and regenerative medical research field, and is committed to establish stem cells technology platform and R&D and clinical translation based on the protein induced in-situ cell reprogramming technology. The company will alsomanufacture and sale QQ proteins, iPS stem cells, cell lines. At the same time, the company will apply developed core technologies in therapeutic area including several serious diseases, developing new treatment methods and drugs of clinic disease.

Qurgen Inc. has revolutionary and advanced three core technologies in global regenerative medicine field:

QQ-Protein Delivery Technology

QQ-Protein Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology

QQ-Protein Induced In Situ Cell Reprogramming Technology

These three core technologies are characterized by unique targeting protein delivery, high iPS stem cells conversion rate and in vivo iPS stem cells conversion, which could not only converts iPS stem cells efficiently in vitro, but also combining with three core technologies as described above, could deliver cell reprogramming proteins to cell nucleus of diseased tissue in animals, then these delivered proteins start in situ cell reprogramming in disease cells/tissue, finally these newly generated transient stem cells could differentiate into normal cells required by the tissue in the microenvironment.

These three core technologies provide brand-new therapeutic program in treating cancer, heart disease, ophthalmology and other serious diseases, and have wide application prospect in biomedical field.

In the clinical research and development line, Qurgen mainly focus on the clinical drug research and development of tumor (triple-negative breast cancer, brain glioma, pancreatic cancer, etc.) heart disease (chronic heart failure, etc.) and diabetes. So far, the company cooperate with a number of famous hospitals in USA and third-grade class-A hospital in China, covering a variety of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, eye treatment field. Qurgen has developed a broad-spectrum anti-cancer protein drug for treatment of late three negative breast cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer. The drug entered the final stage of pre-clinical studies, presuming to register IND in FDA at the end of 2018, and to start CFDA clinical trial license at the first half of 2019.

Meanwhile, perfect experimental data show that the protein produced by Qurgen technology can treat non-human mammalian cancers and heart diseases. Based on such exciting research results and declaration of ability to prepare GMP standard drugs, Qurgen has decided to put them on the market and finished establishment of sales networks. Animal/pet disease treatment and medical treatment is going to be the first application field of the products.

Qurgen is committed to become a global leader, contributing to the development of public health, by innovative technologies and industrialization in the field of regenerative medicine, in order to provide the public, including patients, more innovative products and services in regenerative field, such as anti-aging.

U.S. Address:

440 Burroughs Street, Ste 448;Detroit, MI 48202, USA

001 618 201 4310


Asia Pacific Headquarters:
Fuent Biotechnology Co. Ltd (Shanghai)

12A, Junyao International Plaza, No. 789, Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai



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